Mobile Office          

All-in-one smartphone battery charger, wireless presenter and mouse.

Never be without power again.



Why PowerMouse?

We never thought of adding a universal power bank into our product offerings however, the consumer demand for portable smartphone charging was expanding in China last year.  And while we were at it, why not add a wireless mouse?  A prototype was sitting on the table in the conference room when I visited the team in China.  The soft touch coating felt great in the palm.  The color looked beautiful.  The size was just right; small enough to fit into pocket and carry around and big enough to hold a full charge for your smartphone.

What is a PowerMouse?

A smartphone battery charger

Power Charger for smartphones

A wireless presenter

A Wireless Presenter


A touch mouse

A Wireless Mouse


Charging while navigating

Charging while navigating


Slim - easy to carry around

Slim-Easy to carry around

For students and business travelers

For students and business travelers

A complete mobile office - a laptop, a smartphone & a KUDOS PowerMouse 

Mobile Office


Capacity: 2500mAH lithium polymer battery

Resolution: 1000 dpi resolution optical module.

Wireless: 2.4GHz

Power: Input: 5Vdc, 1000mA in (mini USB), Output 5 V, 1000mA (Optimized for iOS devices)

Mouse and Presenter Control: 2 buttons plus center touch sensor

Power/Pairing Button: on the bottom

Current industrial design

KUDOS PowerMouse 2500

4-LED battery capacity indicator; Left/right button and center touch sensor; Mini USB in, USB out



A power/ standby button was added

PowerMouse Bottom

KUDOS logo CEA logoBluetooth

PowerMouse Project Team:

Spencer Johnson: Business Development Advisor(USA)

Jerry Escobar: Corporate Branding (USA)

Max Tseng: Product Development (USA)

Evan Tseng: Producer (USA)

Vera Lv: Product Manager (China)




Project by


Cupertino, CA

Website: kudos-power.com