CES 2014

Designed in Taiwan

Baby-in-Car Voice Reminder project by Maurice (Taiwan)

AR Battle Tank by Charlie (Taiwan)

Fizzing Bottle by Charlie (Taiwan)

Motorized Rain-Shield for Automobiles by Charlie (Taiwan)

Instant Translation Earphones by Chris.  SW&FW (Taiwan)

Music Reactive Charging Cable by Chris (Taiwan)

Gaming Accessories by Keven (Taiwan)

TENS Neck Massager with Hot Press by Sam (China)

Compression Knee Massager with Hot Press & Red Light Physiotherapy by Sam (China)

Keyring Wireless Charger for People on the Go by Lawrence (China)



Bluetooth speakers, headsets and earphones



OEM-Remote Control Car

Bluetooth Remote Control Car for Android and iPhones

MegaPhone Sound Case

Richer Sound, Strong Bass

Magnetic Strip and Bar Code Transaction

Smart Card and Magnetic Strip Case for iPad

Smart Lighting Control 


Wireless Charging System (High performance 1A fast charging & low cost 500mA charging solutions available)

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